Thursday, 16 November 2017

Forget- me- not puddle plate

Forget-me-nots are one of my favourite flowers; delicate, elongated stems capped off with a bonny blue bloom. They're symbolic of elegance, true love, enduring friendship, and remembrance of those who have passed. 

During the summer months they grew in proliferation in the garden; a swaying blue breeze of happiness. I picked hundreds of them and pressed them in anticipation for upcoming resin projects. One such project was to create a bespoke Puddle Plate for a client of mine. She wanted a special gift for a dear friend who lost her grandmother. The forget-me-not blooms were the ideal flower for this request. 

I created a crystal clear puddle of resin, which had trapped layers of tiny Forget-me-not and 24k gold leaf. It was reminiscent of a little dish that had been left out in a rain shower, and had collected tiny botanical treasures. The overall effect was a unique and very personal memento for her friend, and a precious reminder of her grandma.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Lost Forest foxes

Meet the Lost Forest foxes; Goldie and Rosie. These little sparkly creatures are brand new special edition eco resin ring holders. I only made two from a spare batch of resin I had (we don't waste anything in the Lost Forest studio). Goldie is a vibrant fancy fox, enrobed in 24k gold leaf, while Rosie is more fiery, cloaked in shimmering 24k rose gold leaf. Their bushy tails and perky ears are the perfect place to store your most precious rings. They make a whimsical and stylish addition to your vanity unit or table top, and are sure to become cherished Lost Forest treasures.

{Update: Goldie and Rosie are now sold out but will be returning in the new year}

Saturday, 11 November 2017

All the leaves are golden

November marks a very busy period me, as I'm currently preparing for the Gifted craft and design fair in December. When I have a spare moment in the day, my concentration shifts to a task involving 'show prep'. Today, I made some time to work on a leaf garland for my stand. These beautiful intricate paper leaves will form the basis for my design. I decided to gild each one in a sumptuously sparkling layer of gold metallic paint. I love to use Finetec paints, as they have a stunning shimmer and rich tone that is highly reflective.  

I chose to give the leaves a golden glow to evoke the style of my jewellery. One of my main design traits is using 24k gold leaf. It's a material I've worked with since the very beginning of my resin making journey, and it quickly became my trademark. It is a design feature I hold dear to my heart, and it will always endure in my work. These little leaves are my ode to that glistening beautiful material that shines through in all of my Lost Forest creations. Stay tuned for the finished garland in a few weeks time.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

London calling

Last week my sister and I took a long overdue break to London. It's not the most obvious choice for relaxation, but a change of scenery was certainly on the agenda. We also had tickets to see Tom Hanks speak at the Southbank Centre with his new book 'Uncommon Type', so that in itself was a good enough reason to head on over to London.

We decided to take things easy and stroll to our favourite spots; one of which is Covent Garden. A little oasis of whimsy and charm. The Christmas decorations were already festooned over the iron clad beams, and the shop windows were displaying their festive wares and sentiments. There was a lovely cosy sense in the air, that already had me giddy in anticipation for the coming season. Another important reason why we wandered into Covent Garden was to visit Ben's Cookies; quite simply the most delicious cookies you'll ever eat! They have a wonderfully indulgent 'half baked' texture and taste, and are poked with huge chunks of chocolate chips, coconut, peanut butter or nuts. They are amazing on their own, and even better accompanied by a luscious cup of velvety hot chocolate. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the cookies, as we were far too busy gobbling them down. We also saved some for later in the evening when we watched the 'Great British Bake Off' final back at the hotel (yes, we're hardcore fans!).

We explored the bustling, noisy streets of London on foot, and although it's tiring, we stumbled upon many sights you wouldn't normally encounter when using the tube or the bus. Unconventional shop fronts, quirky abodes and charmingly authentic tea rooms and emporiums punctuated the street corners. We strolled through St. James park; shimmering in Autumnal splendour, had afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, and we were brought back in time to 1939 at the Churchill War Rooms; the most fascinating museum in London (in my opinion). The War Rooms are an intriguing glimpse into Churchill's life, and the operations undertaken by his cabinet; held within an underground bunker close to Downing Street. It's a definite must see for any history buff, and you can easily spend half a day down there. 

On exiting the bunker, your eyes meet the imposing and sombre Guards Division memorial. My sister and I are currently exploring and researching our family history, and we discovered that our great-grandad fought in WWI. We both purchased a poppy in memory of him and his bravery under the most extreme circumstances imaginable. We're looking forward to finding out more about him through military records and online research. This Saturday will mark the 99th anniversary of WWI on Armistice day and I'll be wearing my poppy with pride.

For now it is back to the bustle of the Lost Forest studio, farewell London.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Woodland dewdrop earrings

My Woodland Dewdrop earrings have been a signature item in the Lost Forest collection since I started in 2012. The very first pair I made (first photo) was inspired by glistening morning dewdrops resting on petals and leaves. The effect has always intrigued me. It was as if Mother Nature had scattered twinkling diamonds across the forests and gardens; their alluring beauty revealed in the early morning sunshine. 

I wanted to create a tangible piece of wearable art that would evoke that magical effect. I handcrafted tiny resin globe studs, made from crystal clear eco resin using my specialist technique that resembles glass in its clarity. I added chunky shards of 24k gold leaf, which display a glamorous sparkle with every movement. 

The result is beautiful and timeless, and they have become a top selling item in the Lost Forest collection. Even the name; 'Woodland Dewdrops' is an original title I bestowed on these pieces. Unfortunately, as with a lot of my designs, many shops have since tried to emulate them, and their unique name. However, the quality and effect can never be successfully replicated by another. The original is always the best. 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Gifted Fair, RDS, Dublin

I'm excited to announce that Lost Forest will be attending 'Gifted- The Contemporary Craft & Design Fair' in the RDS (formerly known as the National Craft & Design Fair). The show has undergone many changes, and is now bigger and better than ever; showcasing the best of Irish design. It is a wonderful event and allows you to shop for Christmas gifts all under the one roof.

The show is now a 6 day event from the 5th to the 10th of December. Lost Forest will be attending from Friday the 8th until Sunday the 10th only, and we will be at stand C20. Do pop along to see us, and hopefully some sparkling treasures will catch your eye! There's a huge range to choose from, and of course we will be throwing in some extra goodies with your purchases.

You can read more about the event, and buy tickets here. I'll also be doing a giveaway closer to the event to win some tickets to the show. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Christmas postal dates

The festive season is fast approaching! In order to have your Lost Forest treasures in time, please follow the final postal dates below to avoid any disappointment. This is an extremely busy period in the Lost Forest studio, so I would strongly advise any international customers to place orders from now until the 27th of November to guarantee your packages will arrive in good time, avoid any delivery delays and ensure that my process can run as smoothly as possible.

I will also be attending the 'Gifted Fair'; a Christmas show on December 8th-10th (more details to follow on this), so international customers should place orders before that date, as I will be out of the studio on those days and working late. I may not be able to answer emails or dispatch parcels during that time. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to packing up your Lost Forest treasures and sending them on to their new homes.

Final Christmas Postal Times
Rest of world
December 7th

United Kingdom
December 18th

December 20th

Monday, 30 October 2017

So long October

I went searching for the last signs of floral colour in a hidden secret garden, and I was lucky enough to find them in the form of endless hazy rows of lavender, lavishly decorated pansies, dahlias, sweet peas and spindly bouquets of forget-me-not. The trees were already nearly bare of their amber leaves, but a colour injection was more than welcome with the frosty days and darker evenings, which have already arrived. I'm already waiting patiently for the return of spring and summer, when I can begin my botanical pressing once again. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

An Irish sorrel woodland

The woodlands are currently blanketed with a rich emerald tapestry of woodland sorrel or Oxalis acetosella. It is often known as 'woodland shamrock' due to its close resemblance to its miniature counterpart. This ubiquitous plant is a common sight in Irish woodlands. During the months of April - June, a tiny and delicate flower blooms, and resembles fallen confetti on the forest floor. A truly beautiful sight to behold. Mother Nature has lovingly decorated the alabaster petals with elegant purple pinstripes, and a buttery golden yellow centre. The green heart-shaped leaves are trifoliate, and charmingly fold up towards the sun in late afternoon, as if taking a much deserved midday break. I also love how the morning dewdrops linger on the leaves, and sparkle under the sun like tiny fallen crystals.

I collected and preserved a handful of the flowers during spring, and the result is this beautiful one-of-a-kind eco resin necklace- 'Sorrel Woodland'.

The ethereal beauty of the woodlands is forever captured within the pendant. This handcrafted eco resin globe has encapsulated real wood sorrel flowers and woodland ferns. The delicate sorrel petals are beautifully decorated with thin purple pinstripes; their fragile details showcased wonderfully in crystal clear resin. The sorrel and ferns were discovered at the base of an old oak tree in the Dublin mountains. I preserved them within this pendant as an ode to their enduring friendship that prevailed in the woods over the years. The ferns embrace the scene and are accompanied by a dusting of 24k gold leaf to create a stunning and one of a kind botanical pendant.

The globe hangs from an 14k gold filled jump ring and a high quality 14k gold filled 19" chain. You will become the guardian of a unique piece of botanical art. Only one available now here.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

It's in the details

A brief photographic snippet of an autumn morning in Dublin. My morning walk inspires me for the day, and the magnificent changes of colour feel like an invigorating jolt to the senses. 

The trapped autumn leaves under the rippling water were my very first inspiration for my resin work (minus the nosey swan). I've always been fascinated by such a seemingly insignificant detail to most people, but it always struck a chord with me. I felt like there was another world encapsulated beneath and waiting to be explored. That is true inspiration to an artist; a reference from nature, not from another person or their body of work. Stop for a moment and observe them; a play of light through autumnal leaves, outstretched shadows crawling across the landscape or a leaf caught beneath a puddle of rain. Little details in life can manifest into wonderful tangible works of art captured through the eyes and creativity of a true artist.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Lost Forest newsletter

The latest Lost Forest newsletter will be sent out on the 25th of October. This issue will be bumper packed with important information regarding the busy Christmas season; including postal times, and details of Lost Forest Christmas fairs. I'll also be showcasing some new products, and I'll also have some very special news to share with my lovely and loyal followers. You can sign up now at the following link.